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Your characterful droid R2-D2 stands an impressive 66cm tall. Once you've inflated him, clip him on to the drive unit and then use the remote control to move him around in any direction. He’ll operate indoors or out – and make 4 different sounds. Whether he can get you out of any hole remains questionable. Needs 4x AA and 1x 9V batteries (not included).

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Star Wars: A great piece of head gear for ages four and up. Please note: Hand wash at 30 degrees only. Styles vary. Cap, 100% Polyester, Hand Wash Only, Not Suitable For Dry Clean, Unisex.

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She may not look like much, but she's got it where it counts, kid, Han Solo once said to Luke. The hallowed Millennium Falcon may not be the most advanced ship in the Star Wars universe, but its light-speed served Skywalker unbelievably well! Here's your chance to build and own a gigantic model of the iconic Millennium Falcon. With over 70 pieces to put together, your child will have a terrific time snapping them all together and slowly assembling this magnificent model. When they're done, they can fly it around their room and reenact the epic battles from the Star Wars movies, or they could just put it on their shelf to admire over-and-over again. This Corellian light freighter is a legend in smuggler circles, and is coveted by many for being the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy. Now's the chance for Star Wars fan to own a classic piece of lore, and enjoy hours of frenetic fun.

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Transport the classic property-trading game to a galaxy far, far away with this spectacular Star Wars version! From the detailed figurine counters to the revamped circular board, everything has been adapted to the saga's universe. You can play on the Rebel or the Empire side, and your mission is to conquer planets and build bases to dominate the galaxy and your space-hopping opponents. Like the original Monopoly, players will have to pay you rent when they land on your planets and visa-versa, but the style shift of this Star Wars version reinvigorates a timeless formula. The Chance and Community Chest cards are replaced with the Powerful Force cards to alter your destiny, but, as usual with this competitive game, there can only be one winner. When you own everything in the universe, you win. Monopoly is already a staple of every home. Give hardcore Force fans a compliment to this staple, and guarantee hour-after-hour of intense, interplanetary fun.

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Any fan of Star Wars will love this Boba Fett iPhone case. Emblazoned with the Star Wars log, this is the perfect thing for personalising a phone.

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Star Wars Hooded T Shirt Infant Boys This Kids T Shirt has a hooded design a short sleeves for a great look. > Star Wars T Shirt > Short Sleeves > Hooded > Star Wars Design > Machine Washable > 65% Polyester 35% Cotton R2 D2 3-4 Yrs

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Star Wars: Give your little Star Wars fan the perfect back to school treat with a 3D backpack. This kid`s rucksack features an eye-popping pic of Darth Vader that leaps out at you in 3D! It`s also made of high quality material that`s designed for long-lasting wear `n tear. There`s plenty of room in the Star Wars backpack for your books and the padded straps mean it`s very comfortable to carry. Carry your school stuff in style with this brilliant backpack! Suitable for ages three and up. Rucksack, 100% Polyester, Spot clean only, Not suitable for dry clean, Unisex.

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Garazeb Orrelios is a kind-hearted muscle machine who mourns the loss of his Lasan home-world. His sad past has only fired up his hatred for the Empire, and this Hero Mashers Figure will give buffed-up bite to your Star Wars play. This 6 inch figure features common connection points, so you can detach the heads, arms and legs and mix-and-match them with other Hero Mashers (sold separately). This means that you can make a galactic warrior of your very own! Garazab comes with his bo rifle and other accessories.

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The X-Wing Fighter was the ship that took down the Death Star. It's "an almost perfect balance of speed, maneuverability, and defensive shielding", according to Aldraanian General Carlist Rieekan. How cool would it be to not only have a model of this legendary Star Wars ship, but to actually build one? This Build and Play Model kit lets you do just that. Complete with all the parts you'll need to click in place, this awesome set is a doddle to put together. On top of that, there're even whooshing sound effects to keep it extra-authentic when you're finished. As a Level 1 item, it's very easy to assemble, so perfect for model-making beginners. Give your child a chance to reenact the saga's classic galactic battles in the wake of the release of Stars Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens!

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Pilot a freighter like Han Solo with this brilliant Battle Action Millennium Falcon! Solo may won this ship in a card game, but when your child gets hold of this, they'll want to let it go. Beyond the beautiful movie-realistic visuals, this reproduction has a host of stunning features. You can shoot darts out of the pop-up Nerf launcher, whoosh the ship around to the tune of motion-activated sound effects and revel in the realism with the built in lights. This vehicle play set also comes with 3 figures to man your crew: furry wookie Chewbacca, newcomer warrior Finn (Jakku) and BB-8, the droid to rival R2-D2 with servile cuteness. The Falcon folds out to reveal its detailed interior - ripe with creative opportunity. Rest BB-8 in his dock, fix in a ray gun accessory or station your troops in the midst of a galactic battle! As your child recreate scene-after-scene and make a few of their own, this extraordinary set has the potential to give stellar pleasure for years to come.




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