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Postman Pat

Postman Pat

The first series of Postman Pat aired in 1981 and has been popular with pre-school children ever since. Although Post Man Pat was originally sponsored by the Royal Mail, their sponsorship was rescinded when the new version (Postman Pat SDS) began in 2004, hence his new position with the Special Delivery Service. Here at Kids Character Gifts we have a great selection of Postman Pat products to please any young fan and probably their parents too. Postman Pat is one of those characters thatmums and dads can share with their kids. Of course the animation has improved since the 1980s, but the style is very much the same. In a particularly clever move made by the show's writers Postman Pat now has a family too! Storylines are still of a similar formula, and despite updating the show for a modern audience the storylines are as charming as ever. With a such a fantastic range of playsets and figures you could easily collect enough buildings and vehicles to create a miniature Greendale. Each of the familiar buildings can be bought as well as the many characters who appear in the show. Little boys are often keen on different modes of transport, so you might want to choose one of the many vehicles, such as Postman Pat's van or the Greendale Rocket. If your son is not patient enough to wait for Christmas and birthdays why not teach him to save up his pocket money and build up the collection himself - he'll soon be making up his own Postman Pat games using the world he has created. Other great gift suggestions include jigsaws for the puzzle fan, a bathtime letter set for a preschooler, or, best of all, a fun Postman Pat bag so that your little one can make their own deliveries. Make bedtime more fun with a Postman Pat bedroom makeover. A colourful duvet set and bright desk and stool set will quickly transform a plain room into a stimulating environment for a young boy. We hope the above information is of use when making your purchase. If you have any further questions or you would like any additional information we are happy to advise as far as we are able. Please feel free to contact us at the following address:



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