Ben and Holly Thistle Castle Playset

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We recently had a chance to play with this castle, well the kids did, and they really enjoyed it. You can have lots of magical fun with the Ben and Holly Thistle Castle Play-set! King Thistle’s castle has all kinds of fun ...

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Assortment of figures including; David Mockney/Wendy, Brad Radical/Spud, Bob the Builder/Pilchard. Figures have articulated arms & legs and accurate detailing. Scaled for play with Little Characters vehicles & play...

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Somewhere, hidden amongst the thorny brambles, is a Little kingdom of elves and fairies. My kids love Ben and Holly, and we are lucky enough that they both love board games. It seems too many kids these days only play on i...

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Bring the brilliant children's story to life with The Gruffalo Wooden Dominoes set, a colourful way to teach children colours, shapes and numbers whilst having fun at the same time!

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Learn as you play exciting games with the little friends The laptop is beautifully illustrated with four game modes Use the special magic wand to answer the questions Hear the voices and Ben and Holly and all of their frie...

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Have lots of fun playing Dominoes with Ben Elf and Princess Holly. 28 wooden pieces with wooden storage box. Learn the game, develop turn taking skills and have hours of playtime fun. Suitable from 3 years plus Made fr...
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Toys & Games

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