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Mothercare Shake Shake Teether Rattle

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”Mothercare loves……that this rattle will not only entertain your little one but also sooth them during periods of teething.Want to know more?Teething can be a difficult time for both your baby and you, so the Shake Shake Teething Rattle is a great soothing toy for baby during this time. The textured surface is ideal for biting on to relieve gum and tooth pain, whilst the fun design and noise will entertain your little one for many hours to come. The Shake Shake Teether Rattle is a delightfully colourful and fun item, with strategically placed handholds encouraging baby to make precise hand movements; super for hand-eye coordination development. In addition, the strong colours and soothing rattle sounds go a great way in providing baby with the auditory and visual stimuli that is so important at this stage of life. Don’t forget…Mothercare stocks pain relief for when your little one is teething and first toothbrushes for when those first teeth are finally through.

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