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Schleich Koala Bear with Cub

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These cute and cuddly-looking creatures are only found in Australia, and spend most of the day sleeping. When awake, they spend a lot of time eating, with eucalyptus leaves being the main part of their diet. The eucalyptus plant isn’t very nutritious and the koala has a very slow metabolism, so the koala needs to spend a lot of time resting and digesting: which is why it will sleep for hours on end.Being marsupials, koalas have pouches to carry their joeys in when very young- just like kangaroos. When they get a little bit older, a koala joey can cling to its mother’s back to get around as she teaches it how to climb and which leaves to eat.Along with kangaroos, koalas are seen as an Australian symbol. At one time koalas could be found all over Australia, but after being heavily hunted their numbers dwindled: now they were only found on the East coast.Not suitable for children under 36 months.

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